State Statute

The state statute requires that applicants must provide proof of firearms training by a certified instructor that includes fundamentals of pistol use, actual shooting qualification exercise, and instruction in the fundamental legal aspects of pistol possession, carry, and use including self-defense and the restrictions on use of deadly force.

Training Requirements

Please note that training must have been completed no more than one year prior to your application date. You must be at least 21 years old to apply for a permit. In most cases, gun safety or hunter safety classes that have been offered in the past will not be valid for the permit process since most did not cover all aspects of the statute requirements. You must bring the original training certificate with you or a clear photo copy when you submit your application. If you bring the original certificate we will make a photo copy of it for the application packet and return the original back to you.

A list of certified instructors is available on the BCA Permit to Carry website.

Since Washington County is not intending to duplicate the state's certification effort, the Sheriff's Office is reviewing training certifications individually to ensure that they meet the state requirements as published in the state statute. Starting October 1, 2005, training certifications will be accepted only from instructors approved by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

The Sheriff's Office is not able to recommend any particular instructor or course, and thus, does not have a list of courses and fees. If you are looking for training, you should contact the instructors and ask to ensure that they are certified and provide training in all of the topics required by the statute. Your local gun shop, range, or firearms dealer may have a list of classes that are being offered to meet the requirements of the new law.