Benefit Information

County Employee Benefits

Washington County offers a plethora of benefits and perks to our employees. Here is an introduction to our benefit programs. Note that benefits may vary based on bargaining agreements or union affiliation.


We are committed to compensating our employees competitively and equitably. Generally, new employees are hired at the minimum of the salary range for their job classification. You can find the salary ranges for all of our positions here.

Pay Dates

County employees are paid via direct deposit on a bi-weekly schedule with pay days being every other Friday. New employees received their first pay check within 30 days from their start date.


The county observes eleven holidays.

Time Off Programs

We offer paid time off for employees to be able to enjoy time away from work. The type of program and amount of paid time varies depending on the bargaining agreements or union affiliation.

Health, Dental, and Life Insurance

Washington County's Cafeteria Benefit Plan gives employees an opportunity to design a benefit package that more closely fits their personal needs and goals. The county makes monthly employer contributions to purchase benefits from a menu of items. In addition to health and dental insurance options, all employees receive life insurance in the amount of $20,000.

Additional optional coverages include:
  • Dependent care expense reimbursement account
  • Health care expense reimbursement account
  • Employee, Spouse and Dependent optional life insurance
In order to be eligible for coverage you must have a full-time equivalent of at least .50 (20 hours per week).

The effective date of all insurance coverage is dependent upon the employee's date of hire. Employees are eligible the first calendar day of the month following the date of hire; employees hired on the first calendar day of the month are eligible the date of hire.

Retirement Programs

Employees of Washington County participate in Public Employees Retirement Association (P.E.R.A.) Both the employee and the employer make contributions in accordance with current legislative requirements. We offer optional deferred compensation plans as well.

Disability Insurance

We offer short-term (optional) and long-term disability insurance for all benefit eligible employees.

Wellness Program

Washington County offers a health and wellness program available to all county employees that includes health related resources, wellness challenges and events.

Loan Forgiveness Program

Washington County qualifies as a “public service organization” to help you qualify for this partial student loan forgiveness program. View the Public Sector Student Loan Forgiveness Notice or visit for more information.

Note: Additional information may be requested through the Human Resources Department at 651-430-6081. Statements in this synopsis are not to be considered binding upon the county except when they are restatements of terms and conditions of employment as contained in labor agreements.