Roundabout at Hinton Avenue (County Highway 13)

13/22 RoundaboutProject Overview

This intersection improvement project is intended to construct a roundabout to replace the current four-way stop control. The improvements will enhance safety and mobility through the intersection. The roundabout will be built for 2-lanes of traffic to accommodate a potential widening of 70th Street to 4-lanes in the future. In the near term, the roundabout will be striped to function as a single lane facility. 

Why was a roundabout chosen?

A roundabout was chosen as the preferred traffic control for this intersection due its ability to provide adequate capacity and operate with very little delay. In addition, roundabouts increase pedestrian safety by reducing the number of conflict points (vehicle approach directions) from 32 for a traffic signal to 8. The raised medians at the roundabout approaches also provide a refuge for pedestrians to find gaps in traffic.

Project Layout