General Information

Washington County was established on October 27, 1849 and is responsible for maintaining a permanent repository of recorded documents for real property. Our public research area includes access to historical records along with several computers available for searching our computerized index using the RecordEASE system. Staff is available to provide a quick tutorial on how to search. RecordEASE is also available through a subscription service for use at your office or home.

Storage of Records

The first Certificate of Title was recorded on March 23, 1911. Certificates of Title were recorded on paper until June 14, 2005, at which time they became electronically generated. All original Certificates have been scanned and are available as electronic images. The originals are kept at an off-site climate-controlled storage facility. Original Torrens documents are also kept off-site. Paper copies were kept by the county up until January 1, 2000, at which time the county started returning the original document to the submitter after scanning for permanent storage on our server. All original Torrens documents have been scanned and are available as electronic images.

Searching the Database

Washington County’s automated tract index began on January 1, 1984. All records from that date forward are available electronically and are fully searchable by several criteria including grantor / grantee, document type, legal description and date range. In addition, all Torrens plats and historical tract pages have been scanned and are available as electronic images.