Jail Programs


A variety of programs are offered to inmates at the Washington County Jail to encourage and support rehabilitation and reintegration into the community. Participation in all programs is voluntary except for mandatory work assignments, court ordered programs, or programs required by law.

Educational Classes

• GED Preparation/Testing
• College Preparation
• Cognitive Skills
• Anger Management
• Parenting

Vocational Training

• Resumes
• Applications
• Interviewing

Sentence To Service (STS)

(This is a community corrections program, not a Sheriff’s Office program)
• Release status must be ordered by the sentencing judge
• Laundry Trusty
• Kitchen Trusty
• Outside STS

Work Release

• Release status must be ordered by the sentencing judge
• Criteria for Work and Education Release must be met
• Sentenced inmates who go to work or school and return to jail.
• Must go through orientation
• Daily fee 

Home Detention / Electronic Home Monitoring (HD/EHM)

• Release status ordered by the sentencing judge
• Criteria for HD/EHM must be met
• Cell phone reception necessary
• Must go through orientation
• Daily fee 

Social Services

• Programs staff are available to meet with inmates/assist with services
• Mental health issues may be referred to the jail medical unit
• Veteran's Resources
• Re-entry Assistance Program (RAP)
• Teen Challenge
• Resources for community agencies
• Pet Therapy

Chemical Abuse Counseling (Canvas Health)

• Chemical Dependency Assessments
• Rule 25
• Out Patient Treatment in jail (OPT)

Library Services

• Law library resources/services
• Donated books/magazines
• Educational
• Business
• Resource
• Self-help
• Leisure

Religious Guidance

• Religious services and programs conducted by volunteers
• Jail Chaplains may schedule visits with inmates during visiting times without being on the     visiting list
• Personal clergy may visit during scheduled visiting times if on the inmate's visiting list. 

Women's Groups
• Healing Circle
• Art and Creative Thought
• Creative Writing

Open/Organized Recreation
• Exercise equipment/Cardio fitness
• Basketball
• Handball
• Volleyball
• Ping Pong