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Washington County 2019 Flood Update 

The latest report from the National Weather Service shows the St. Croix River currently at a 92 percent probability for reaching  major flooding stages in Washington County. This information is based on current conditions as of March 4, 2019, and compared to historical data. These estimates are regularly updated on the National Weather Service’s website. River forecasts take into account past precipitation amounts as well as expected precipitation for the next 24 hours and  are issued routinely during the navigation season, and as needed at other times of the year.

Did you know:...
- Even if you do not live in a floodplain or have not had flooding issues before, you can still buy flood insurance. It could be more affordable than you might think.
- Homeowners and renters insurance does NOT typically cover flood damage, but you should ask your insurance agent just to be sure.
- If a large flooding event happens and it rises to the level of a federal declaration, most federal disaster assistance comes in the form of low-interest loans and you have to pay them back. There is a slim chance that you would ever be fully compensated by FEMA in the event of your home sustaining flood damage.
- There is typically a 30-day wait period between when you purchase the policy and when it becomes effective.

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Below is a reference to St. Croix river levels and flooding impacts across the county at certain stages:

  • 95’ Estimated top of the flood protection dike in Afton.
  • 94.8’ Highway 95 near 2nd Ave in Bayport may be closed.
  • 94’ Estimated top of the flood protection dike at St Croix Beach.
  • 92’ Abandoned railroad bed north of Vine Street to St Croix Street impacted.
  • 91’ Dike Road impacted.
  • 90’ HWY 95 between Afton and Bayport begins to flood. Lakefront Park bathhouse in Hudson affected.
  • 89’ The city park in Bayport begins flooding. Lake Mallalieu dam gates overtopped.
  • 86.75’ Buckeye Street Garage in Hudson impacted.
  • 86’ Due to safety issues...the Stillwater lift bridge will be closed near this stage.
  • 85.8’ First Street between Buckeye and Commercial Streets floods
  • 85’ Several residences along the river may experience flooding in their basements. Front Street in Hudson WI closes.
  • 84’ Second tier at Lakefront Park in Hudson floods.
  • 83’ Minnesota and Wisconsin DNRs invoke a no wake zone on the river.
  • 80’ Seawall at Lakefront Park in Hudson floods.
  • 78’ The Stillwater Riverwalk becomes inundated
    For questions, call Doug Berglund.

    Doug Berglund
    Washington County Sheriff’s Office
    Emergency Management
    W: 651-430-7682