Emergency Alerts

There are currently no emergency alerts in Washington County. Information on the 2020 spring flood outlook will be updated as we receive it.

Did you know:...
- Even if you do not live in a floodplain or have not had flooding issues before, you can still buy flood insurance. It could be more affordable than you might think.
- Homeowners and renters insurance does NOT typically cover flood damage, but you should ask your insurance agent just to be sure.
- If a large flooding event happens and it rises to the level of a federal declaration, most federal disaster assistance comes in the form of low-interest loans and you have to pay them back. There is a slim chance that you would ever be fully compensated by FEMA in the event of your home sustaining flood damage.
- There is typically a 30-day wait period between when you purchase the policy and when it becomes effective.

For more information:

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Below is a reference to St. Croix river levels and flooding impacts across the county at certain stages:

  • 95’ Estimated top of the flood protection dike in Afton.
  • 94.8’ Highway 95 near 2nd Ave in Bayport may be closed.
  • 94’ Estimated top of the flood protection dike at St Croix Beach.
  • 92’ Abandoned railroad bed north of Vine Street to St Croix Street impacted.
  • 91’ Dike Road impacted.
  • 90’ HWY 95 between Afton and Bayport begins to flood. Lakefront Park bathhouse in Hudson affected.
  • 89’ The city park in Bayport begins flooding. Lake Mallalieu dam gates overtopped.
  • 86.75’ Buckeye Street Garage in Hudson impacted.
  • 86’ Due to safety issues...the Stillwater lift bridge will be closed near this stage.
  • 85.8’ First Street between Buckeye and Commercial Streets floods
  • 85’ Several residences along the river may experience flooding in their basements. Front Street in Hudson WI closes.
  • 84’ Second tier at Lakefront Park in Hudson floods.
  • 83’ Minnesota and Wisconsin DNRs invoke a no wake zone on the river.
  • 80’ Seawall at Lakefront Park in Hudson floods.
  • 78’ The Stillwater Riverwalk becomes inundated
    For questions, call Doug Berglund.

    Doug Berglund
    Washington County Sheriff’s Office
    Emergency Management
    W: 651-430-7682