St. Croix River Level

River Level Check for No-Wake Status

If the St. Croix River water level is 683 feet or higher, the river will be declared Slow/No-wake. Please check the web site below for the current river level. Most marinas and boat launch areas will also post visible signage at the boat launches whenever the river level is high enough to enact the slow/no-wake status.

MN Rule 6105.0330
No motorboat shall be operated in excess of a slow-no wake speed between the dam at Taylors Falls to the confluence of the Saint Croix River with the Mississippi River, whenever the water level reaches 683.0 feet, mean sea level, as measured at the Stillwater gauge.

Please note that the link below to the water level gauge at Stillwater indicates 600 feet above sea level. For example, if the gauge indicates 78’, the reading is 678’ above mean sea level.