Advisory Boards and Committees

Washington County’s advisory committees, boards, and commissions advise the Board of Commissioners on issues that affect residents. The purpose of an advisory committee is to bring the community perspective and to provide advice or make recommendations to the County Board of Commissioners on issues presented to the committee by the responsible department.

Advisory committees do not establish county or department policy, determine budget or resource allocations, or direct the operations of a department. These remain the sole responsibility of the County Board, the county administrator and the appointed department head.

Committee vacancies are advertised each year in the fall, and board appointments are made in January. Most committees meet once a month, and all meetings are open, public meetings. Terms are typically for two to four years.

Member requirements vary. The board recruits members through the open appointment process and makes appointments to represent each commissioner district when possible.

A directory is published annually that contains information about each committee, board, and commission, including its purpose; composition; terms; meeting requirements; responsibilities; remuneration, if any; operating procedures; and membership listing. The directory is Manual #1110.

Prospective candidates for appointment to the following commissions and boards are required to submit an application and participate in an interview with the County Board. Appointments are made by a full County Board meeting in a regular session or properly noticed special session.

For more information, contact the Office of Administration at 651-430-6009.