Snowmobile Safety

SledsMinnesota offers over 22,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails. Over 21,000 miles are maintained by local snowmobile club volunteers. Washington County has numerous areas to enjoy snowmobiling including the Star Trail System.

A Snowmobile State Trail sticker is required for all snowmobiles operating on state or grant-in-aid trails. Get yours here: DNR

1. Minnesota DNR Snowmobiling

2. Snowmobile Safety Training Information offered by the Minnesota DNR

Some tips for County Snowmobilers:
a. There are specific rules for operating Snowmobiles in Washington County Parks. Please see Chapter VI, Section 9 of the Washington County Parks Ordinance #174 for further information:

b. Minnesota does have a maximum speed limit for Snowmobiles… 50 Miles per Hour. See Minnesota Administrative Rule 6100.5200 Subp. 4

c. A person may not operate a snowmobile on a state or grant-in-aid snowmobile trail unless a snowmobile state trail sticker is affixed to the snowmobile. See Minnesota State Statute 84.8205 and you can purchase your trail sticker here:

d. Whenever ice conditions on a body of water deteriorate to such an extent that there is substantial danger to persons using motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles, the Sheriff, where the body of water is located, may prohibit or restrict the use of motorized vehicles on all or a portion of the body of water. See Minnesota State Statute 86B.106:

e. Snowmobiles or other motor vehicles may operate in a forest campground or forest day use area on a trail or road that is posted and designated for that use. Operation must comply with all applicable laws and rules. See Minnesota Administrative Rule 6100.1900

License Information - This site will allow RESIDENTS and NONRESIDENTS to purchase hunting & fishing licenses, safety certificates, passes, trail stickers, apply for hunting lotteries, enter harvest registration and renew ATV's, ORV's, OHM's, snowmobiles & boats.