County Board


Board meetings are most Tuesdays at 9 a.m. The public is welcome to attend. See county calendar to confirm dates.

Board of Commissioners

Washington County is governed by its Board of Commissioners. Five county commissioners - one from each district - are elected to serve for staggered four-year terms.
Washington County Board of Commissioners April 2018
County commissioners are Lisa Weik, District 5, Stan Karwoski, District 2, Gary Kriesel, District 3, Fran Miron, District 1, and Jack Lavold, District 4.

Commissioner Districts

Commissioner district map website
The current county commissioners are:
Commissioner Phone Email
District 1 - Fran Miron 651-430-6211 Email Fran Miron
District 2 - Stan Karwoski 651-430-6212 Email Stan Karwoski
District 3 - Gary Kriesel 651-430-6213 Email Gary Kriesel
District 4 - Jack Lavold 651-430-6214 Email Jack Lavold
District 5 - Lisa Weik 651-430-6215 Email Lisa Weik

The board elects a chair and vice chair. The chair is the presiding officer during the board meetings, and the vice chair presides in the chair's absence. Commissioner Gary Kriesel will serve as chair for 2018, and Commissioner Stan Karwoski will serve as vice chair.

The board develops policy, makes decisions, and makes and amends laws for the county. It also establishes the county's budget and tax levy, sets policy for delivery of services, and approves and revises ordinances.

District Boundaries

District boundaries are redefined after every federal census to meet the requirements of Minnesota statute. Under state law, any district that experiences a 5 percent or greater change in its population requires a new election, even if the full four-year term of its commissioner has not been completed. To find which areas of the county are in each district, see map.