Parks Information

Washington County has been endowed with natural resources that are aesthetically attractive and diverse. A variety of land forms, high-quality lakes, woodlands, wetlands, and two nationally significant river valleys give the county a wealth of natural amenities. The parks in Washington County give residents and visitors an opportunity to explore these resources by offering a wide variety of recreational facilities, including camping, swimming, picnicking, and fishing, among others, as well as trails for hiking, biking, in-line skating, horse-back riding and cross country skiing. These facilities are in parks and on trails throughout the county.

Parks Patrolled by the Water, Parks and Trails Unit
1. For a listing of Washington County Parks.

2. Each Park has specific rules and regulations posted on signs as your enter the Park and/or inside the Park’s Contact Station. Please take time to review the rules for each Park you visit.

3. The rules and regulations for Washington County Parks are outlined in the Parks Ordinance #199

4. Some Tips for enjoying our County Parks:

a. All County Parks, with the exception of Point Douglas Park, require a Valid Vehicle Park Permit. You can purchase a Day Pass or purchase an Annual Pass for your vehicle(s). Please make sure your vehicle permit is valid and placed on the passenger side windshield in full view from the front of your vehicle. You can purchase Permits at the Parks’ Contact Stations in Lake Elmo Park Reserve, Big Marine Park Reserve, St. Croix Bluffs Park Reserve and Square Lake Park when open and staffed. There are honor boxes located at the entrance to each park where you can also purchase a daily or annual pass. If you do not have a valid vehicle Park Permit, you will receive a citation.

b. Expired Vehicle Permit stickers can be removed from your windshield… if the date has passed on the permit, the sticker is no longer valid and should be removed from your vehicle.

c. Dogs must be leashed and are only allowed in certain areas of the Park if allowed at all. In most parks, dogs are limited to the Parking Areas and Summer Trails. They are not allowed in the campsites, swim beach areas, picnic areas or along the water. In Square Lake Park, dogs/pets are not allowed. Please be sure to understand the rules for the Park before you visit with your pet(s).

d. Please follow the posted speed limits and drive slowly through the Parks… there are a lot of wildlife, hikers, walkers, bicycle riders, and people enjoying the Parks.

5. If you have Hunting & Fishing Questions and/or require more information, see the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website:

a. Fishing Licenses
b. Hunting & Trapping

6. Other Parks in Washington County Managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

a. William O'Brien State Park

b. Afton State Park

7. National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior