Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Washington County Sheriff's Office Commercial Vehicle Inspection Unit

The Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with the Minnesota State Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Inspection Division, has deputies trained to be NAST Certified (North American Standard Training).

Washington County NAST Deputies patrol the County and enforce several laws that protect our roadways from overweight/overloaded trucks. We also encourage voluntary compliance by inspecting commercial vehicles and drivers for qualifications, hours of service and equipment. We place drivers and their equipment out-of-service, when any of these elements are found to be unsafe to continue operating, until such time the issue is corrected per federal regulations.

Sheriff’s Deputies work closely with cities within the County. We do so when commercial vehicle traffic is suspected of operating unlawfully, overweight or otherwise, unsafe conditions.

We inspect over 250 commercial vehicles and their drivers each year, along with educational meetings with companies and owners throughout the County. This enhances a trusting work relationship with businesses in our County to promote safe operation and commerce.

If you have questions or concerns, you may contact:

Deputy Scott Zitzloff at:

651- 430-7887