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Recycling and Waste Disposal
The Department of Public Health and Environment provides information and educational resources to residents and businesses about recycling, household hazardous waste, composting, and proper waste disposal.

Washington County Waste Management Master Plan

In March 2012, the Washington County Board of Commissioners adopted the Washington County Waste Management Master Plan 2012 - 2030 and submitted the plan to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for approval.

The county’s Waste Management Master Plan is updated every six years to guide waste management activities while establishing waste projections for the next 18 years. The Master Plan is also developed in conjunction with a Regional Solid Waste Management Plan.

Recycling Performance Scorecard
One of the new strategies to reach the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s more aggressive waste objectives contained in their Metropolitan Solid Waste Management Policy Plan 2010-2030 is to develop and implement the use of a “performance scorecard” to evaluate, set standards, and measure progress of municipalities toward achieving recycling goals. The Recycling Performance Scorecard Work Group, consisting of staff, elected officials, and environmental commission members from cities and townships within the county, has been assembled to assist in the development. The Recycling Performance Scorecard Work Group will meet 5 – 7 times in 2013, beginning in February.

Presentation of Draft Scorecard 
Cannot achieve new recycling goals under status quo 
20% of Residential Recyclables thrown in the garbage 
2012 Community Recycling Pounds per Household 
Pros and Cons by Recycling & Garbage Program Type 
Enforcement Options 
Range of Options for Scorecard Components 
Major conclusions from Work Group meetings
DRAFT: Washington County Municipal Recycling Performance Scorecard 7/17/2013 
Required actions for all municipalities 
Required actions for large municipalities 
Extra credit actions for all municipalities 
Extra credit actions for large municipalities 
Open communities program type
County actions to be provided

Recycling Performance Scorecard Work Group - Agendas and Meeting Materials
The department publishes electronic Agendas and Meeting Materials for the Recycling Performance Scorecard Work Group. 
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Solid Waste and Recycling Hauler Meeting
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