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Washington County Right of Way Ordinance #188

Available Permits
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Access Permit: Required for any new driveway, field entrance, street or commercial access on a Washington County road.
Obstruction Permit: Available for parades, running/cycling races, exhibitions, and festivals that require closing or temporarily restricting access on County roads.  An Annual Obstruction Permit is required for all utility companies performing maintenance on their facility.
Right of Way Permit: Required for utility installations, grading in the County right of way, or work which obstructs the right of way.
Transportation Permit: Required for any overweight or oversized load that is transported on a Washington County road.
Regional Rail Access/Access Crossing Permit
Regional Railroad Right of Way Permit
Noxious Weed Control Agreement (No Weed Spraying): To request "no spraying for noxious weeds" in the right of way, a Noxious Weed Control Agreement is required from the landowner, occupant of the land, or a person responsible for the maintenance of public land. For more information, please call Carol Hanson at 651-430-4313.

Gopher State One Call Requirements
Excavators (including homeowners), throughout Minnesota are responsible for notifying Gopher State One Call of their proposed excavations. The call center will notify participating underground facility operators, so they can mark the location of their facilities. If you are a contractor working for a homeowner, it is your responsibility to read the Gopher State One Call Handbook. You can notify Gopher State One Call at their website or by calling 651-454-0002."

 Gopher State One Handbook
 GSOC Ticket Locate Request Form
 MN Statute 216D
 MN Statute 7560.0100

For additional information on specific permits, visit each Permit Site.  Find all related Permit Sites to the left. 

Donald J. Theisen, P.E.
Director of Public Works

Wayne H. Sandberg, P.E.
Deputy Director / County Engineer

Main Public Works Facility
Ph: 651-430-4300

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